Bluehost Control Panel

When you buy web hosting space from any hosting provider, you get access to a web based interface where you can manage various aspects of hosted services in one place. There are a variety of web hosting control panel software packages available, like cPanel, vDeck, zPanel, Plesk etc. Some web hosting companies provide one of such established control panels, while others create their own customized versions and offer these to customers. The choice of control panel is highly important because it is from here that you control all your websites, and perform regular set up or maintainance tasks related to managing domains, email accounts, ftp accounts, database administration, website backup, file & folder management, visitor statistics and analysis etc. The most popular control panel these days is the cPanel. Bluehost Hosting provides cPanel to all it’s web hosting customers. In this tutorial, we will help you understand the Bluehost control panel and get started with it.

Bluehost cPanel is one of the most easy to use control panel available today. It allows you to configure everything and navigate through your hosting account with complete ease. The company runs several Blue Host Promotion offers and discounts that provide a super cheap way to buy the world class Blue host hosting with fantastic cPanel control. If you intend to purchase Bluehost web hosting, you should definitely search for best Bluehost Discount available in the market. Before we get into the details, let’s see how you can access the Bluehost control panel, once you have your hosting account set up with them. You can do either of the following to gain access to Bluehost hosting cPanel.

1. Visit the Bluehost official website (i.e. On the top right hand corner, there is a button ‘Control Panel Login’. Click on this button to open Bluehost control panel login page.

2. Enter the following in the URL bar of your browser – https://<your primary domain name>:2083. This will lead you to Bluehost cpanel login page.

After you’ve entered the necessary username and password (set up when web hosting account is created with Bluehost), you are taken to the main page of cPanel. This is here that you will see all the elements and tools that allow you to control your website.

On the left hand side, you will find following 4 sections:

  1. Notices – This displays any non-urgent notices like, software ads etc.
  2. Find – This allows you to search for any item within the control panel.
  3. Frequently Accessed Areas – As the name implies, this is the most commonly accessed categories/items on the cPanel.
  4. Stats – This area provides useful information about your web hosting account, such as, your home directory, number of subdomains, addon domains and parked domains, your bandwidth usage, number of email accounts & ftp accounts, versions of various key software installed, number of days to the expiry of your account etc.

The right hand section of the Bluehost Control Panel lists various categories. Lets take a quick look at these:
Bluehost cPanel

  1. Partners – This includes both the free and paid Bluehost partners.
  2. Promotional – This lists the free $50 Facebook ad credit, $100 AdWords credit from Google, $25 credit from Bing and Yahoo! Search, free Yellowpages listing and others.
  3. Preferences – This allows various options like password update, preferred language update, access to how to videos, change of contact & billing information, account renewal etc.
  4. SimpleScripts Installations – This provides direct access to SimpleScripts for installation of any softwre that you may like, such as WordPress. In fact Bluehost is recommended as the Best WordPress Provider by most webmasters.
  5. Site Builders – This allows direct access to various software platforms to create your website, including WordPress, Weebly, Simple Scripts etc.
  6. Mail – This is where you set up email accounts. Also it gives access to several email functions, like auto responders, forwarders, spam protection tools, mailing lists etc.
  7. Files – This provides access to file manager, backup and restore services and FTP control.
  8. Domains – Here you can perform domain-related functions, such as register domains and transfer domains, create subdomains, parked domains & addon domains, manager redirects etc.
  9. Databases – Here you gain access to MySQL databases, phpMyAdmin etc.
  10. Software/Services – Here you can access SimpleScripts, CGI, PHP Config, Ruby on Rails and Site Builder etc.
  11. Advanced – Here you can set up Cron Jobs, Error Pages, change 404 settings etc.
  12. Follow BlueHost on Social Media – This allows you to easily follow BlueHost on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and/or Google Plus.

The Control Panel provided by Hostmonster is very similar to that of Bluehost and they are rated as providers of Best Technical Support. You may check out the details in this Host Monster Review. You may also consider these Hostgator Promotion offers, if you intend to buy Hostgator hosting. You may get access to the latest Hostgator coupon codes on this blog.